About Foster Art Company


Decorate your space with something meaningful.

Our art collection comes from a variety of sources; from existing art programs to workshops to after school art programs, summer camps, or collaborations with local teaching artists. All artwork is created by artists ages one to twenty-one years old and is legally copyrighted. 

Children's artwork captures their authentic spirit and is a joyful addition to the walls of our homes and workspaces.  Our artwork represents children helping other children in need.


Foster Art founder Susan Robinson's history of parenting through the loss of two husbands to cancer has made it clear to her how values like compassion and self worth start in a stable, loving home and build the strength to come through life's challenges. 

Susan's life's work has been raising her daughter Clara amidst the caregiving and grief of loosing Clara's father and step-father to cancer. Through those trying times she grew to more fully understand the incomparable value of her loving, stable upbringing. She knew she had the support of her family, and didn't have to parent alone. During this time, she also gained experience with children's art by volunteering at Clara's school, where she came to recognize the great joy and emotional release in art-making.  

Susan's own life has fueled her drive to be an advocate for children who (for whatever reason) are without a home and/or the empowerment and stability of a loving family.


We feel the elephant embodies the values held by Foster Art Company.  

When an elephant calf is born it joins a highly ordered and stable social group - a matriarchal family group of related females with the oldest female the head of the herd. In this family structure, no calf will ever go unfed or unsheltered. If a mother is sick or dies the aunts, sisters and cousins take care of the vulnerable young calf until it is stable on it's own.

Elephant family connections are powerful. Elephants remember other elephants after decades of being apart, showing signs of emotional connection. Mothers (cows) and calves are often seen touching one another in expression of reassurance and fondness, and cows are fearlessly protective, taking on any threat to their young.  

Because of the safety provided by the cow, the elephant calf is energetic, explorative, inquisitive and playful - natural qualities of youth that also need to be guarded and nurtured in children. The stronger and wiser older elephants guide and protect, feed and shelter, and show the way toward becoming an adult in the heard.

We think that sounds like a pretty good upbringing!

Susan with her daughter, the early years

Susan with her daughter, the early years

Susan Robinson - Founder of Foster Art Company

Susan Robinson - Founder of Foster Art Company

Susan and her daughter Clara

Susan and her daughter Clara