Foster Art Company's Mission


Foster Art Company was founded on the belief that all children deserve a stable, safe and loving home. Our mission is to support the children in the foster care system by filling homes, offices, and public spaces with beautiful and meaningful artwork.


Foster Art Company envisions safe, healthy homes for all children and a world with a deeper awareness for foster children's challenges and needs. We see ourselves as an avenue of opportunity for children to be joyful and creative and to learn about helping others. 


While researching and developing Foster Art, we found three specific areas to focus our support for the kids in foster care. Those areas are:

  1. Legal representation for children in the foster care courts
  2. Organizations that help foster children find adoptive families
  3. Programs for foster children who age out of foster care and need guidance with practical life skills

Proceeds from the sale of the children's reproduced art work go directly to an advisory fund with the Minneapolis Foundation who then makes gifts to local and national organizations that support foster children. 

OUR PURPOSE: See. Create. Give.

To See: Our minds and eyes are open, learning from people who work with foster children and the foster children themselves, what resources are needed and how we can help.

To Create: We inspire connections between children, encouraging them to empower one another through the common joy of learning and making art. 

To Give: We make art and we join our resources and gifts to provide support for healing, helping, and problem solving.


Teaching our children the values of gratitude and compassion are at the forefront of Foster Art's approach. Foster Art collects children's art which is sold on the Foster Art Company website and at local art shows, and gifts the proceeds to organizations that help foster children. Foster Art creates opportunities for children to make art and donate art to help their peers.

Foster Art achieves its goals through relationships with public and private schools, art and community centers and art institutions. Foster Art Company raises awareness for foster children's needs by hosting workshops and events and selling or displaying art work locally at businesses, offices, galleries, and more.